Incorta Direct Data Platform

The unified data analytics platform that provides everyone with the means to acquire, enrich, analyze, and act on business data with unmatched speed, simplicity, and insight.


Incorta Intelligent Ingest

The fastest way to transform, connect, and prepare data from multiple data sources for complex analytics.


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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

CEO Scott Jones shares insights on Incorta being named in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics & BI Platforms. "The data warehousing paradigm can no longer keep up with the demands of today’s world."

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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

Incorta Cloud

Incorta Cloud gives business teams a world-class analytics infrastructure, in minutes, without needing technical expertise. Incorta Cloud can start small, and grow to enterprise scale, leveraging Incorta’s exclusive Direct Data Mapping for unparalleled speed and agility.




Modern Efficiency and Speed


More and more enterprises are moving their business data and applications to the cloud for better efficiency, cost-savings, and agility. And, they can do the same to transform their approach to data science and analysis. Here at Incorta, we work with our customers to move analytics and business intelligence to the cloud to achieve all of the efficiencies while at the same time staying focused on simplifying the complex querying, reporting and analysis that answers your most pressing business questions.



Incorta Cloud is our fully-managed service that provides a modern and cost-efficient platform for data analytics, data science, and business intelligence. 

The Incorta Direct Data Platform™ is an all-in-one data management and analysis platform that gives any business user the means to acquire, enrich, analyze, and learn from operational data with unprecedented agility and incisiveness. 

Incorta has earned a reputation among the largest brands for its breakthrough performance against full-fidelity data, easily handling the largest and most complex data problems.  


“As eCapital previewed and worked with the new Incorta Cloud, we could immediately see the benefits to our clients. It provides new levels of ease and simplicity in provisioning a robust cloud data analytics environment and facilitates integration with cloud services. This will support our customers who are currently under pressure to quickly and accurately negotiate changing market and business conditions. We look forward to introducing this new capability to our customers!"

— Lisa David, Partner, eCapital Advisors

Incorta Cloud – Created for Business Agility


For enterprise lines-of-business craving more agility, organizations of all sizes who need barriers removed, or even developers who have great ideas, Incorta Cloud removes the time, effort and staff needed to support infrastructure -- so that users can focus on innovating with data. For business users, it means less friction and faster time to value. For data scientists, it means less data wrangling and more insights. 

Incorta Cloud provides ease-of-use features to deliver an accessible yet sophisticated infrastructure that can grow and evolve without limits. 

Learn how new cloud analytics technologies can help you generate greater insights and more business value in less time: Watch Webinar

For the first time, business users can spin-up a world-class data analysis infrastructure in minutes without involving IT.  Incorta Cloud adds ease-of-use features to deliver accessible yet sophisticated capabilities that can grow and evolve without limits.

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A web-based portal for account and cluster administration provides even non-technical users the means of provisioning, configuration, cloning, upgrading, monitoring, and backups.

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Pre-configured and managed security. Data on-premises can be accessed via a secure Data Agent or VPN. 

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Leverages virtually unlimited cloud storage capacity to create an open and durable data hub that can service multiple workloads. 

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Automatic scaling, if requested, to maintain the performance of data loading, data analytics, and data science processes. 

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Incorta Direct Data Platform

The Incorta Direct Data Platform™ delivers an end-to-end self-service data experience, giving everyone the means to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on their business data with unmatched speed, simplicity and insight.


End the wait for data. Explore Incorta Cloud today.