neoleap & Incorta

Detecting fraudulence and improving operations with intuitive dashboards, automated reports, and fraud alerts.

  • 16%

    Increase in cards issuing

  • 10%

    Decrease in non-financially active customers base

  • 38K

    Potencial fraudsters detected using ML algorithms

  • 56%

    of the suspicious accounts were confirmed to be fraudsters


Data Access and Analysis

The neoleap team faced challenges in automating the transfer of customer information and transactions, and encountered access issues with certain data sources and dashboards. Internal teams experienced use-case-specific difficulties with data access and visibility.

The operations team needed easier data access, SAMA teams required automated reports for daily, monthly, and quarterly data, and marketing teams developed multiple use cases for customer engagement. Fraud teams aimed to capture fraudulent behavior with specific business rules.

Consumer teams sought a 360° view of Wallets for performance tracking, including international remittances and competitor analysis. Affiliated departments desired improved data visualization and simplified access from the audit database. Compliance teams needed daily insights consolidated in a single dashboard.


Accurate tracking of customers transactions

Incorta brought significant advantages to neoleap, streamlining information retrieval from diverse sources to a centralized destination. This facilitated precise tracking of customer transactions and behavior, contributing to the enhancement of customer engagement.

Through Incorta, neoleap gained unprecedented capabilities in managing the company’s performance with real-time control over key performance indicators (KPIs). The platform enables the identification of customer personas and an understanding of spending patterns and frequency, leading to effective control over expenses, costs, and revenue.

Utilizing Incorta’s Spark Graphframes and user-friendly dashboards, neoleap successfully thwarted 56% of reported fraudulent accounts showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in combating fraud.

Moreover, based on the gained understanding of fraudulent account patterns, neoleap uses Incorta to send automated alerts for any fraudulent behavior to proactively take action.

  • 15+

    Data sources

  • 4.2TB

    Loaded data

  • 260+


  • 300+


Comprehensive dashboards

These dashboards display all market-related metrics in one place, with rich filtering support. Behavior and presence tracking allows neoleap to track customers, create campaigns, and measure business performance and effectiveness.

Fraud Detection Dashboards

neoleap can now track the customers that register in suspicious and high fraud countries or detect other connected customers that might be fraudsters.