Making self-service BI a practical reality

With Incorta, this Fortune 50 social platform’s data engineering team can deliver new reports to the business 10x faster and eliminate 90% of support tickets with self-service BI

  • 8 min

    or less for business users to generate a custom report

  • 10x

    faster delivery of new reports

  • 30-60

    second refresh rate on data across all systems

  • 90%

    reduction in data engineering support tickets


Buried under small data engineering tickets that take weeks to resolve

Before Incorta, their data engineering team was constantly inundated with small, yet extremely time-consuming tasks to support business intelligence. If a business team needed to customize a standard report — moving a column, for instance — they submitted a ticket. Every ticket was reviewed by a special committee that would decide whether to change the core report or build an entirely new one. The process took weeks and often led to dual maintenance of data refreshes across multiple locations.


Incorta’s unified data analytics platform for high-powered operational analytics

With Incorta, self-service BI became a practical reality. Once the data engineering team creates a core report, business users with the appropriate clearance levels can then service their own specific needs from there, with refresh rates as fast as 30 seconds. They can carbon copy a report in their own personal folder where they can edit and refine it to meet their own unique needs in a matter of minutes — no support tickets or review committees required.

Exceptional speed and efficiency

With Incorta, employees can run reports significantly faster and more efficiently than before. Incremental loads allow for near real-time reporting without a lot of processing and/or locking on the source system.

Unmatched visibility and time to insight

With Incorta, the data engineering team can analyze all usable data with full transactional detail and enjoy unmatched performance even against billions of records.

Self-service BI with row-level governance and security

Incorta makes self-service BI a practical reality at this company for the first time. Business users can copy and customize approved reports all on their own in a matter of minutes.