Incorta 5

Incorta 5 sets a new standard for a one platform approach  to data and analytics. With our latest release, Incorta’s unified data and analytics platform enables fast, flexible, and intuitive analytics for business teams and technical experts at organizations of every size.


Incorta Cloud

The fastest path from complex data to the best intelligence possible. Incorta Cloud provides a modern and cost-efficient platform for data analytics, data science, and business intelligence.


Incorta Mobile

The world’s first unified data analytics experience for mobile devices. Incorta Mobile empowers business teams to quickly access data and make decisions on the go.


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How to know your customer using data

With more customer data available than ever before, teams can finally identify critical trends quickly and make smart pivots for faster growth. Learn how to apply these strategies during COVID in this blog.

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Become a Data-Driven Technology Leader

Lightning-fast queries. Comprehensive integrations. Robust insights.


Transform data insights into business outcomes

In fields that evolve as quickly as technology and software, you need data insights that can keep up without requiring hands-on oversight or manual analysis. From fast-paced growth to mergers and acquisitions, innovative technology leaders today need to move in real time.

From finance to supply chain to regional sales, cut through the confusion of data overload and complexity with Incorta’s Direct Data Platform™ with Direct Data Mapping™ and drill into the discoveries that will make a difference in your bottom line, from internal efficiency to external market data. 


Draw from all your systems

Your business pulls data from a range of sources, spanning systems, cloud applications, databases and more. Incorta plugs into all of your tools, integrates out of the box with major sources like Microsoft or Salesforce and allows instant, robust, and comprehensive analysis.

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Accelerate data access

Incorta’s Direct Data Platform™ delivers query results in seconds and eliminates hours of load time. You can even drill down from top-line insights into supporting data with a single click.


Update results instantly 

Innovative technology leaders don’t settle for static insights. Run multiple direct data loaders in parallel to handle high-speed clickstream data in real-time, aggregate complex data with our auto-scaling Spark engine, and discover insights in real-time, all without the restrictions of a data warehouse or dimensional data model.


Protect data with granular controls

Maintain established security and control even as you access your data. Incorta is the only application of its kind that retains application-level security parameters down to individual rows of data and protects it all with 128-bit AES encryption.

“We saw up-to-date reports only a few days after beginning the deployment—not weeks or months like with other systems—and we could return new queries across billions of records in just seconds.”

Senior Engineering Manager, Fortune 10 Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Unleash the Power of Your Data with Incorta

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