Harness Your Customer Data in Retail and CPG

Personalized experiences. Informed decisions. Accurate forecasts.

Smarter, faster insights

Retailers generate large volumes of data across the supply chain and at various customer touch points across omni-channel operations. Layer in the current digital customer and social media experience feeding a massive data explosion. Processing such voluminous and diverse retail data sets to better understand customer behavior is a tremendous challenge for companies. However, the analysis of this huge volume of data presents a sizable opportunity for retailers.


Today’s customers expect more: they want an experience that’s immediate, tailored, automated, personal. To compete, you need to deliver more — and do it faster, smarter and cheaper with strong partnerships and an omnichannel presence. Access to retail data is the key to that growth.


With Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping™ engine, you can unite and analyze all your data in seconds for actionable, impactful insights on shopper behavior, pricing, inventory and more.


Leading Photo Retailer Reduces Inventory Issues and Improve Margins.

Shutterfly needed to understand and leverage supply chain data points. With Incorta and a 6-week implementation, Shutterfly achieved sub-second query speeds and achieved real-time analytics and cost-cutting decision-making abilities.



The retail industry requires solutions that can help them access this customer and product information, understand and play with the trends of customer behavior, and ensure their continued relevance and survival in a highly competitive market.


To truly understand consumer buying habits, you need to draw on countless data points, from product type to online conversations to shipping costs. Incorta flexibly connects to and unites all your data sources, arming you to make the most informed analysis possible. Incorta quickly gathers and processes this mass of data from multiple sources and lets you create insights in real-time to fast-track quick decisions—generating true business value.



Customers don’t like lines, and you don’t like waiting for data analysis. Perform hundreds of joins on billions of data points in seconds and access the answers you need through a clear and customizable dashboard.



Stay one step ahead of the competition by responding to data as it comes in. Run multiple data loaders simultaneously to handle high-speed point-of-sale data in real-time, aggregate complex consumer data with our auto-scaling Spark engine, and discover insights in real-timer, all without the restrictions of a data warehouse or dimensional data model.



Incorta protects consumer data and keeps your insights safe from the competition with the latest encryption-based security and access control down to individual rows of data.

"Incorta is the greatest thing since sliced bread for a supply chain leader. It empowers the organization, it streamlines workflows, and it really enables employers to get to the heart of their roles and their jobs."

Josh Miller, VP of Supply Chain at Shutterfly, Inc.