Incorta for Oracle ERP Cloud

The Best Option for Multi-Source Reporting.


From Oracle EBS to Oracle ERP Cloud

  • Thousands of companies worldwide already rely upon Oracle ERP Cloud to help them increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls. However, most of these users are migrating from Oracle EBS, which is neither seamless nor straightforward, and presents formidable challenges for analytics and reporting.

    • Existing data warehouses and reporting have to be rebuilt
    • Phased migrations require simultaneous reporting from EBS and ERP Cloud
    • Historical, transactional data typically won’t be migrated
    • Oracle Cloud doesn’t provide public APIs for bulk data extracts

Fast, Flexible Reporting & Analytics from Incorta


With Incorta, you can easily execute any data migration strategy while enjoying uninterrupted business continuity.


Incorta’s revolutionary approach to data analytics lets you seamlessly combine an unlimited number of internal and external data sources thanks to real-time aggregation of data that doesn’t require a data warehouse or data replication.


Unlike other analytics providers, Incorta’s pre-packaged Oracle connectors enable fast, easy analysis of the highly- joined data common to EBS and ERP Cloud.


Incorta acts as a “bridge” between EBS and ERP Cloud data, helping you easily run reporting across data stored in either application—or across customer order and inventory data stored in other systems—at any time, without having to build or renovate an existing data warehouse.



Incorta is powerful and flexible enough to easily accommodate any migration strategy while maintaining existing reporting, protecting historical data, and enabling users to build modern analytics on top of data residing in any application.




  • Incorta loads full copies of enterprise application data in memory—all of the data, in its original shape—without needing data modeling, flattening, or advance schema development, and without losing any metadata.
  • Incorta uses modern, columnar compression to make that data quickly searchable at massive scale.
  • Incorta’s revolutionary Direct Data Mapping™ joins data from multiple tables using the source data’s proprietary engine and is the core intellectual property forming the foundation of Incorta’s market-leading innovation.

Incorta can protect all historical ERP data—in many cases representing more than 10 years worth of data—as you decommission EBS, regardless of whether that data eventually needs to migrate to ERP Cloud.


Incorta powers Oracle ERP Cloud analytics for some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies. With Incorta, users no longer need to resign themselves to cumbersome workarounds and outdated approaches for analyzing data.