Incorta Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

The best way to maximize your Oracle EBS investment, with no data modeling or reshaping required.


A New Analytics Approach for Oracle EBS

There’s no doubt that Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) provides great value to businesses, whether for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and/or human capital management (HCM) applications.


What Oracle EBS does not give you is a high-performance, quick-to-implement, low-maintenance analytics solution that combines data from multiple application sources.


With Incorta, Oracle EBS customers have a better, more modern option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling and no complex transformations.


As Oracle EBS customers mature along their applications and analytics journey, their requirements grow from operational reporting to real-time, cross-functional, and cross-entity business intelligence that fosters growth and agility.

Many teams have to deal with an unfortunate mix of legacy and emerging products, spread across a hybrid environment of both cloud and on-premise applications.

This is a less-than-ideal environment for delivering operational analytics and many businesses resort to using multiple tools to generate even the most basic reports.


Incorta’s modern data analytics platform bypasses the complexities of legacy data warehousing methods to give EBS customers the analytics and reporting they’ve waited for:

  • Accelerated time-to-value — Deploy in days or weeks, not months. Generate new reports in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.
  • Self-service reporting and analytics — Make better decisions faster with the availability of source-level data granularity, combined with all relevant history; plus, cross-functional and role-based analytics.
  • Top-line to transaction data access — Drill from top-line analysis down to transactions without any data inaccuracies because pre-aggregations and summarizations are no longer necessary.

With Incorta, Oracle EBS users at today’s leading global brands are making smarter, faster decisions by readily accessing fresh, real-time data and building the high-performance reports they need, all on their own.