Incorta Analytics for Netsuite

Modern, interactive, real-time business intelligence is now at your fingertips with Incorta integration to NetSuite.


Access to Modern Data Analytics

As any NetSuite user knows, reporting, KPIs, saved searches, and even the new pivot table functionality within NetSuite only gets you so far.

NetSuite reporting and analytics tools are holding business hostage. Despite spending millions on technologies, businesses continue to struggle to get real-time insights for managing operations across functional silos.

No longer! Modern, interactive, real-time business intelligence is now at your fingertips thanks to the next-generation Incorta data analytics platform and its ability to seamlessly integrate with the core NetSuite data layer.

Incorta dramatically simplifies data collection and analysis, which empowers business users to have real-time conversations about data without the need for advanced technical skills.




With Incorta, Oracle NetSuite customers have a new, better option for analyzing and understanding their business data:

  • Real-time analytics against NetSuite data in only a matter of hours.
  • Unshackle your analytics from two-level joins as restricted by NetSuite’s static saved searches, so you can explore trends using multi-dimensional analysis.
  • Quickly mash-up NetSuite data with other sources to gain visibility across functional and system silos
  • Securely roll out NetSuite analytics with row-level data filtering.

Incorta unshackles business users from static, cumbersome saved searches and empowers them to have real-time conversations about data, with no advanced technical skills required.

In addition, Incorta makes self-service business discovery and instantaneous access to insights on NetSuite data available to a much wider range of users—essentially anyone who can work with a dashboard.

With Incorta, NetSuite users no longer need to resign themselves to cumbersome workarounds and outdated approaches for analyzing data.