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The Incorta Direct Data Platform™ is a self-service solution designed to analyze data from any source with lightning-fast speed, simplicity, and insight. Go here to see how it’s done.


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The fastest path from complex data to the best intelligence possible. Incorta Cloud provides a modern and cost-efficient platform for data analytics, data science, and business intelligence.


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Incorta Direct Data Mapping™ reduces query times by more than 10x without any transformations, reshaping, modeling, or data aggregating. 


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How to know your customer using data

With more customer data available than ever before, teams can finally identify critical trends quickly and make smart pivots for faster growth. Learn how to apply these strategies during COVID in this blog.

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14 Strategies For Building A Strong Culture Among Your Remote Tech Team

With advanced technical skills and knowledge, professionals in the tech industry may have an easier time than others when adjusting to the logistics of remote work...

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Larry Ellison’s TikTok Bid Puts Oracle Chairman Back in the Spotlight

Billionaire tech and sports mogul looks to pull ahead after missing early years of cloud-computing boom...

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Thought Leaders in Big Data: Incorta CEO Osama Elkady (Part 1)

Terrific PaaS strategy! Osama explains a bunch of use cases that are opportunities for entrepreneurs to build new companies...

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Thought Leaders in Big Data: Incorta CEO Osama Elkady (Part 2)

Sramana Mitra: All the technology is your technology?

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Thought Leaders in Big Data: Incorta CEO Osama Elkady (Part 3)

Sramana Mitra: Can you talk about a few open problems that you would like entrepreneurs out there to come and build on top of your platform? It could be industry sector specific. It could be functional. Just name a few solutions where you’re looking for such partners.

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16 Smart Ways You Can Leverage AI To Boost Your Business

Artificial intelligence has gone beyond being the flavor of the week at tech conferences. AI offers the best way for companies to automate repetitive processes and gain insight into their customer bases...

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Incorta Improves Direct Data Mapping for Data Lakes

Bringing disparate sets of data into data lakes for data analytics hasn't always been easy. Incorta tries to do it with its new 4.6 platform update...

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Need Data Now To Make An Important Decision? This Company's Got You Covered

Executives make important decisions every day. Many of those decisions rely upon the data available to them...

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Incorta 4.6 Provides Integration to Various Cloud Storage Technologies

Incorta, provider of a unified data analytics platform powered by direct data mapping, is releasing the latest version of its platform, Incorta 4.6, providing new features, capabilities, and performance enhancements...

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Incorta CEO On Data Analytics Beyond Warehouse, In Real Time

Speed matters in all aspects of business — especially when it comes to analyzing data.

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Incorta raises $30M Series C for ETL-free data processing solution

Incorta, a startup founded by former Oracle executives who want to change the way we process large amounts of data, announced a $30 million Series C today led by Sorenson Capital...

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Solutions Review Names 6 Data Management for Analytics Vendors to Watch, 2020

Data management for analytics solutions are complete software systems capable of managing data in one or more file management repositories...

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Can We Stop Doing ETL Yet?

Despite the advances we’ve made in data science and advanced analytics in recent years, many projects still are beholden to a technological holdover from the 1980s: extract, transform, and load, or ETL...

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In data lake deployments, ease of access lights the way

Still, leaders have to ensure the potential benefits of the infrastructure can reach those who can act upon it...

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HPE and Incorta Uncork New Data Analytics Engine

Incorta will offer its enterprise analytics platform on standard configurations of the modular, in-memory computing system HPE Superdome Flex Server...

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Isima Takes on Data Management Ingest to Insight

Over the past couple of decades, data management has grown ever more complex, but the available “solutions” haven’t kept up...

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Your Metrics Are Going Haywire. Now What?

ou can't wait for the world to go back to "normal" or expect your old metrics to work in the future. Listen intently, experiment relentlessly, and spread your bets...

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The InsideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List fro Q3 2020

The team here at insideBIGDATA is deeply entrenched in following the big data ecosystem of companies from around the globe...

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Dresner Report

Incorta is best in class for consulting product knowledge, experience, and continuity in Dresner’s 2020 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study.