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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

CEO Scott Jones shares insights on Incorta being named in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics & BI Platforms. "The data warehousing paradigm can no longer keep up with the demands of today’s world."

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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

Incorta’s self-service Direct Data Platform enables the Fortune 100 technology leader to manage a complex sales commissions process.





Instantaneous access to sales transaction data substantially increases sales incentive compensation system accuracy and efficiency

For one of today’s leading Fortune 100 technology companies, there is an essential need to promptly and accurately calculate commissions for its 16,000 sellers who generate billions of dollars of business every year. In the past, growing volumes of complex, disintegrated data regularly delayed commission reconciliations for weeks, forcing Finance and Sales Compensation teams to manually investigate any data issues that arose—a slow and inefficient process.

Changes to the company’s sales commission model in 2020 dealt a severe blow to the existing, labor-intensive sales incentive compensation management process. Existing systems and processes couldn’t handle the resulting data explosion—data inconsistencies resulted in a group of sellers receiving draws instead of calculated commission checks for three months.

The Fortune 100 technology company’s leaders set out to find a comprehensive and scalable solution to this problem, with a goal of achieving greater than 96% inaccuracy and timeliness on commission payments.

With Incorta, the company’s Sales Comp team now seamlessly absorbs compensation data efficiently and confidently. Team members can autonomously investigate and resolve commission disputes more quickly, on their own, and achieve and maintain faster insights—all without needing help from core developers or other internal experts. They’re free to focus on data analysis and associated actions instead of focusing on data sourcing and aggregation.

“There were two fundamental needs in our journey of transforming operations: speed and self-reliance. Incorta’s ETL processing took the time out of ingesting data. The application— easily configurable by nontechnical resources— gave us control and accelerated the journey from data to insights.”

Using Incorta, the Fortune 100 Technology leader benefited from


Fast, deeper insights from complex data

In only 2-3 seconds, Sales Comp and Finance team members can confidently drill down into large, complex datasets from any of the company's source systems.


Decentralized use case creation and modification

No longer dependent on help from highly skilled developers or analysts, Sales Comp and Finance team members can build or modify use cases independently, with ease.


Rapid deployment delivering quick and tangible results

The company moved from proof-of-concept to production with Incorta in only eight weeks—significantly faster than other solutions.

The Challenge

Late insights delay resolution

Before Incorta, it wasn’t easy—or fast—for the Sales Comp, Finance and IT teams at a leading Fortune 100 technology company to accumulate, synthesize and understand the data needed to support specific queries and other manual processes relating to sales commissions. These data-intensive activities were always time-consuming and prone to error. Various systems—including SFDC, Oracle, Snowflake and Kafka—were the data sources. A dependency on IT resources and a few core developers caused weeks of delays when preparing and summarizing data. It took minutes—even hours—to run important reports due to manual data refreshes and unwieldy SQL Server data schemas.

And low replication with the company’s Snowflake data warehouse often resulted in unreliable data. In 2020, a change in the company’s commission data, created an explosion of transactions, making a bad situation even worse. The amount of time required to transform data to insights increased to 4-6 weeks, while the average amount of time needed to resolve approximately 3,000 commission disputes ballooned to 40 days. Traditional approaches like increasing staffing were not the right solutions anymore. There was a need for fundamental transformation.

The Solution

Fast sales commission insights via real-time analytics.

Within three short months of implementing Incorta, the Fortune 100 technology leader’s Sales Comp and Finance teams can see instant results for the new—and modified— sales compensation use cases and reports they build while resting assured of the data’s continued security and governance. Incorta can quickly ingest large data volumes and enable complex data transformations at large data loads via Apache Spark.

Team members can access data directly from any application in seconds. By pairing a machine-learning model with Oracle Territory Management (OTM), transactions are automatically credited to sellers, eliminating manual intervention.

The Results


$500K+ of projected, annualized hourly savings after only three months.

Using Incorta, the Sales Credit, Manual Programs and Support teams at a leading Fortune 100 technology initially saved half a million dollars, and adoption is expected to drive additional savings.


Optimized sales incentive compensation management.

Incorta’s self-service analytics capabilities enable Sales Comp and Finance analysts to ask and answer any question, build new visualizations on top of rich datasets in seconds, and scale data analytics efforts on their own whenever needed.


Faster queries and insights.

With Incorta, queries return in a blink. That’s because Incorta stores data in its direct memory, so it uniquely can filter through billions of lines of data in seconds.

Easy Access

Easy access to new data from other systems.

With Incorta, non-technical analysts can easily tap data from new sources to gain additional sales compensation insights.

Less Time

Less time required to resolve commission disputes.

By automating its commission dispute resolution process, the Fortune 100 technology leader shrank its support team’s dispute resolution cycle time by 42% (till date) and its Manual Program team dispute resolution cycle time by 13% (till date).


No more dashboard clutter.

A scatter of 200+Tableau dashboards related to sales compensation incentives were replaced with a dramatically lower number of more flexible, informative and relevant Incorta-powered dashboards.

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