Tariffs Reporting and Analytics

Tariffs - Advanced Analytics Supporting Decisions in a Dynamic Macro Environment

Running powerful analytics on complex data historically strains an organization's development limits, making it nearly impossible to react to fast-changing tariff situations in time to make a difference. But not anymore.

Via a new Incorta “Blueprint”—a quick-start kit that helps accelerate the process of setting up, connecting to, analyzing, and reporting upon complex data sources and use cases—your leaders and supply chain team now can understand the impacts of new tariffs across the entire business within only minutes of the new information being published.

Capabilities Delivered

With Incorta, you can skip the inadequate war-room approach to responding to new tariffs while gaining a critical, strategic advantage over competitors unable to respond to them as quickly or as precisely as you can

  • Easily compare proposed tariff rates against Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes.
  • Conduct “what-if” scenario analyses to model the impact of alternatives, like absorbing tariff impacts, raising prices, or switching suppliers.
  • Build real-time operational intelligence allowing you to continuously respond to a volatile and exponentially more complex global trade environment.

Sample Reports & Metrics

  • Items Affected by Tariffs/HTS Codes (# and $)
  • Customers Affected by Tariffs/HTS Codes (# and $)
  • Item and Customer Profitability (Pre- vs. Post-Tariff)
  • Company Profitability (% of Revenues and Gross Profit Impacted)
  • Metrics on Impacted Products (Inventory On Hand, Open/Planned POs) 
  • Timing/ETA of Open POs vs. Effective Date for Tariff
  • # of Suppliers
  • Purchase Price of Items Across Suppliers (Pre- vs. Post-Tariff)

tarrif 1

tariff 2

tariff 3

tariff 4



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