Procurement & Spend Analytics

Procurement & Spend - Advanced Analytics for your ERP Data via Incorta

Our Procurement & Spend blueprint will quickly get you up and running and provide you with critical analytics for your organization. Organizations will benefit from increased visibility into the complete Procurement & Spend process, including supplier performance analysis and payables analysis. Organizations can significantly reduce costs, enhance profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage through complete end-to-end insight into the factors that impact Procurement & Spend performance.

Material is one of the top elements on which supply chain organizations spend money; in some cases, it’s the dominant element. As a result, proactively and effectively managing material spend can be a powerful lever for increasing a company’s profitability.


Incorta’s Blueprint for Procurement & Spend gives supply chain leaders the real-time, top-line-to-transaction-level insight into material spend they need to efficiently grow profitability and cash flow by improving their procurement teams’ performance. Use this Blueprint to easily answer critical questions like:

  • What is the root cause of unfavorable purchase price variance (PPV)? 
  • Is my inventory carrying cost-consuming gains from favorable PPV?
  • Which suppliers have quality and delivery issues? 
  • Are there outstanding payments for these suppliers?
  • What is the off-contract spend for this quarter?
  • What are the top 10 products by indirect spend amount?

Sample Reports & Metrics

  • Open POs
  • Late POs
  • Requisitions Awaiting Approval
  • Purchase Orders Awaiting Approval
  • PO Approval Cycle Time
  • PO Close Cycle Time
  • Purchase Order Details
  • Purchase Price Variance
  • Off Contract Spend
  • Spend by Location
  • Top 10 Suppliers by Spend
  • Top 10 Cost Centers by Spend
  • Top 10 Buyers by Open PO Count
  • Buyers Load Balance
  • Quality Defects
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Fill Rate
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Invoice Accuracy







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