Incorta Analytics for Salesforce

Salesforce - Advanced analytics for your CRM data via Incorta

Salesforce users gain immediate access to rich content areas and sample dashboards that are easily customizable and logically grouped by department and persona to help answer their most-pressing business questions even more quickly. What’s more, Incorta Blueprints also make it easy to add new data sources to your Salesforce analysis in order to:

  • provide key insights about sales numbers to executives; 
  • understand top-selling products and sales rep productivity; 
  • predict revenue goals based upon historical win rates; and  
  • make decisions based upon a complete picture of all sales metrics on a near real-time basis.

Questions Answered

  • Is there sufficient pipeline to support sales forecasts
  • Are we accelerating our sales velocity in accordance with strategic objectives
  • Do our sales reps maintain accurate and up to date information regarding ongoing sales cycles
  • Are marketing campaigns effective in generating qualified leads
  • What milestones in the sales cycle are leading indicators of closing a deal

Sample Reports & Metrics

  • Amount Won, Amount Expected, Current Potential
  • Won vs. Goal, Expected Won vs. Goal, Potential Won vs. Goal
  • Current Opportunities in Pipeline
  • Historical Perspectives through Snapshotting
  • Comparisons—Year Over Year, Quarter Over Quarter, Week Over Week
  • Opportunities per Stage
  • Win Rate %
  • Pipeline by Stage
  • YTD Activity
  • # of Deals closed
  • YTD $ Amount
  • Avg. Days to Close
  • # of Days to Close
  • Rep/Account Breakdown by ACV
  • Partner/Account Breakdown by ACV
  • Forecast by Rep

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