Incorta Analytics for Netsuite

Incorta modern BI and Analytics for NetSuite. Up and running on your own data in a couple of hours.

Move beyond saved searches and pivot tables.

Implement modern, interactive business intelligence dashboards in NetSuite within hours.

Incorta's standard analytics content works on any NetSuite instance. Adding custom tables, fields, records to the Incorta analytics platform takes minutes and does not require IT.


Incorta next-generation, interactive business intelligence such as this Sales-Revenues dashboard published to a user's NetSuite homepage.

Pre-Built Incorta Content Gives you Instant Access to Modern Analytics

As any NetSuite user knows, reporting, KPIs, saved searches, and even the new pivot table functionality within NetSuite only gets you so far.

No longer! Modern, interactive, real-time business intelligence is now at your fingertips thanks to the next-generation Incorta data analytics platform and its ability to seamlessly integrate with the core NetSuite data layer.

Incorta solves traditional pain points:
  • Speed of Implementation: you can see your own NetSuite data in Incorta Analytics within hours.
  • Ease of Use: Browser-based and no special IT infrastructure or expertise required (no data warehouse, no SQL, no ETL, no compute hardware).
  • All Your Data: Incorta starts with content driven by standard tables and fields, but adding your custom tables, fields and records is as easy as created a saved search.









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