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Fixed Assets - Advanced Analytics for your ERP data via Incorta

Fixed assets and their related transactions from acquisition to disposition can represent a material amount on the financials of a company.  Following the trail of asset requisition to purchase orders and invoicing not to mention tracing installation and other related costs are important for proper amortization.  Monitoring the return on those assets during their useful lives and preparing for the retirement and replacement thereof are similarly important activities.  Ensuring you are able to so quickly and easily is where Incorta steps in.

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This Fixed Assets Overview report gives insights into KPIs such as Asset Value by Book and Asset Value by Location.


Questions Answered

Answer questions such as:

  • What is my current asset value, and how does it compare with the same period last year? 
  • What is my total acquisition cost for this year? How many CIP assets are expected to capitalize in the current period? 
  • What is my depreciation expense for this period? And does it tie to the depreciation account posted to General Ledger? 
  • What was the gain/loss amount due to retirements? What is the trend over time? What are the top 10 asset categories by retirements?

Sample Reports & Metrics

  • Total Assets
  • Total Asset Value by Book and Category
  • Year-over-Year Asset Count Trend
  • Asset Value by Location
  • Gain/Loss Due to Retirements
  • Current Month Adjustments
  • Financial Analysis by Company, including Adjusted Cost, Accumulated Depreciation and Net Book Value
  • Capitalization Analysis by Period
  • Capitalization and CIP Asset Analysis
  • Fully Reserved Assets
  • Asset Details
  • Asset Count/Trend by Location
  • Asset Count/Trend by Category
  • Leased Asset Analysis
  • Assets by Projects
  • Assets by Vendor
  • Asset Retirement Trend
  • Current Month Retirements
  • Retirement Gain/Loss by Book and Asset Category
  • Partially Retired vs. Fully Retired Assets

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