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Accounts Payable - Advanced Analytics for your ERP data via Incorta

Maintaining a solid understanding of your Accounts Payable status can greatly enhance an organizations ability to manage cash, optimize payment timing for maximum benefit, and even help to identify problematic vendors.  Leveraging Incorta's Accounts Payable Blueprint will accelerate the speed with which you can deliver on those objectives and drive increased profitability for the company

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This Payables Overview report gives insights into holds by type and site along with top supplier detail


Questions Answered

Answer questions to the following questions and more:

  • Are payments to key suppliers or supplier groups overdue? 
  • What was the discount lost? 
  • What are the AP invoice holds by buyer, and how does that relate to the POs? 
  • What are the top invoices by discount amount offered that are on hold? 
  • Do we pay suppliers too early, too late, or on time? How does that timing impact our working capital? 
  • How efficiently do we process payables? What percentage of the invoices we receive are manual? How long does it take us to process an invoice?
  • Which cost centers generate the top expenses? Which organization and/or person is the top spender?


Sample Reports & Metrics

  • Total Number of Holds
  • Avg Holds per Invoice
  • Discount Lost %
  • % Manual Invoices
  • Avg Days to Pay an Invoice
  • Discount Lost %
  • Holds Aging
  • Top 100 Expense Reasons
  • Top 10 Cost Centers by Expenses
  • Top 10 Spenders
  • % Overdue and Due Amount
  • Payments Due Aging
  • Top 10 Suppliers by Payments
  • % Invoice with Exceptions
  • Invoice Exceptions
  • Payment Details

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