Preventing Corporate Burnout During COVID-19: Incorta Makes May 22nd a Company Holiday

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work.

Now remote, most employees are working around the clock to meet rising demands, maintain a semblance of normalcy, and keep their businesses afloat. As honorable as it is, it’s also a perfect recipe for corporate burnout.

To help prevent COVID-related burnout, Incorta has joined Google, Facebook, and other leading tech enterprises in making Friday, May 22nd a corporate holiday for all employees.

“Incorta has played a vital role in the COVID-19 response efforts of today’s top global organizations. Our technology has scaled to meet rising customer expectations, providing a foundation for technical excellence that accelerates business outcomes,” said Osama Elkady. “That said, it’s only right to give our global team of remote innovators, ideators, and experts a well-deserved day off on May 22nd.”

As we continue to navigate work and life during this global health crisis, gestures like these are important. Because even the best of us—the ones on your team that always seem to have it all together—could probably really use a break right now.

To learn more about how Incorta is helping brands mobilize their workforce and maintain business continuity during this crisis, watch our Operational Intelligence Strategies During COVID-19 webinar.

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