Free Access to Incorta Courses: Join Industry-Leading Analysts, Data Architects, and Engineers

At Incorta, we believe that knowledge is power. It’s what takes us from the limits of today to the opportunities of tomorrow, and offers us new insights when we need them most. 

I’m proud to share that in the wake of this global health crisis, Incorta has decided to remove all fees associated with our online Essentials for Business Users and Analysts courses. This gives anyone interested free and unlimited access to our collection of expert-led, self-paced Essentials lessons. Because the world being on pause shouldn’t stop your personal growth, curiosity, or willingness to push innovation forward with an expert understanding of the power of data analytics. 

Our Learning Paths are Designed With You in Mind

Incorta’s learning paths are simple. We currently offer a total of 23 lessons, all tailored to fit wherever you are in your journey with data. Learning paths include: Essentials for Business Users and Analysts, Fundamentals for Administrators, and Foundations for Developers. Our Essentials for Business Users and Analysts courses are self-paced, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever you’d like. Our learning process is also layered with virtual labs, projects, quizzes, and discussion forums. Select courses are also followed by exam-based certification, allowing you to proudly share your new expertise with others. Our Fundamentals and Foundations learning paths are available via public virtual training.  

Our Instructors are the Brightest Minds in Data Innovation

Incorta’s online courses are taught by industry-leading analysts, data architects, and engineers. They have decades of experience managing large and complex data systems, elevating key filtration and extraction processes, and advancing the impact of data across industries. Many were previously change agents at Apple, Google, and other popular tech companies and firms. They are the brightest minds in data innovation, each working hard to elevate what’s possible with data and inspire the next generation of global technologists. 

Our Students are Tomorrow’s Leaders, Influencers, and Change Agents 

By registering for our online learning community, you’ll be joined by a group of strategic thinkers and visionaries from around the world. The next generation of tech leaders are using this time to stay competitive with upskilling, and collect techniques for implementing agile adaptation, data-driven modernization, and customer-centric efficiency. They’re building a foundation of expertise that will help them push industries forward and drive game-changing innovation wherever they go, and they’re doing it with Incorta.

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