The Fastest Way to What Matters

Solve business’ analytics needs in a fraction of the traditional time required.

“There are a million different ways to look at our data. With Incorta, we’re able to decide exactly what we’re going to see and when we’re going to see it.”

Greg Waldman, Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager - Toast

Operational Analytics

Traditional, real-time operational reporting endangers and stresses your core business systems, often requiring minutes, hours or even days to return results. Incorta changes all that.

With Incorta, You Get:

  • Up-to-the-minute business insight
  • More time for analysis, less time waiting for results
  • A lower risk and dramatically less negative impact on core business applications

What’s Unique About Incorta

  • Typical queries result in a sub-second response time—even the most complex queries exceeding a billion rows usually run in seconds
  • Data pulled from source systems refreshes as frequently as every five minutes, resulting in reports produced for all intent and purposes in “real time”
  • Google-like, type-ahead search functionality lets any business user query the entire data set by simply entering relevant search terms

(OEM) Analytics

Looking to meet rising customer demands for data insight or differentiate from the competition? Embedding analytics within your enterprise software application is a great way to do both. And Incorta lets you do it better.

With Incorta, You Can:

  • Increase revenue by offering a value-add analytic application that complements your existing offering
  • Reduce the expense and engineering effort required to embed analytics in your application
  • Flexibly deploy either as a cloud-based, hosted service or on-premises within your own data center

What’s Unique About Incorta

  • You can easily embed the Incorta user interface into your own applications, thanks to Incorta’s extensive use of Web services
  • You can white-label Incorta analytic capabilities to appear seamlessly within your application and possess a matching look-and-feel
  • Minimal engineering effort is required from your team since ETL and data warehouses aren’t required
  • You can run Incorta on any virtual machine—independent of specific hardware requirements—and handle volumes of concurrency using inexpensive, off-the-shelf, commodity hardware

Improved Performance
for Tableau Analytics & Dashboards

Are you trying to run Tableau against large and complex data volumes? It’s not what Tableau was designed to do, but you need the insight, and you want to use a tool you already know. Incorta lets you do both.

With Incorta, You Can:

  • Securely analyze billions of source data records within Tableau, without crashing or overloading the production system
  • Enjoy sub-second query response times while working within the familiar Tableau interface
  • Enable business users to easily build Incorta-powered dashboards within Tableau

What’s Unique About Incorta

  • A scalable security model and easy administration reduces IT’s involvement in setting security parameters on individual reports
  • Increased analytic potential empowers analysts to uncover insights from large volumes of complex data stored in core business systems (financials, sales, manufacturing, HR, etc.)
  • Business users can pick and choose specific attributes associated with customer and product data, consolidate these into a table and build secure dashboards—all within Tableau and while maintaining complex joins associated with the data

Out-of-the-Box Dashboards, Reports
and KPIs for Oracle
E-Business Suite

Comprised of tens of thousands of tables and hundreds of functional modules—and often supporting thousands of concurrent users—Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) tests the IT infrastructure limits of its customers. So, historically, powerful analytics for EBS were hard to find. But not anymore.

With Incorta, You Can:

  • Significantly reduce costs by eliminating separate ETL, data warehouse and reporting infrastructure
  • Accelerate speed to insight via pre-packaged reports, dashboards and KPIs
  • Improve data security—separate security policies no longer need to be created, maintained and inherited directly from Oracle
  • Gain up-to-the-minute business insight via real-time data queries of source systems

What’s Unique About Incorta

  • You get out-of-the-box, pre-built dashboards, reports and KPIs for Oracle EBS
  • Pre-packaged schema for many EBS modules—including Financials, Order Management, Manufacturing and Supply Chain—are provided
  • Incorta integrates with many Oracle application concepts—such EBS Flexfields, Chart of Accounts and Common Dimensions—enabling seamless integration across multiple EBS modules
  • Administrators don’t need to maintain separate security policies since Incorta inherits application user security configurations from EBS